1955 He began as an apprentice at Tobe Ware.
1968 Taught ceramic art in the Philippines with the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program.
1970 Established the Hachizui Kiln.
1990 Presented a white porcelain pot to the Crown Prince.
1990 Presented a vase to His Imperial Majesty on his succession to the throne.
1991 Collaborated with two other artists to create a large monument at Matsuyama Airport.
1992 Presented “The White Planet of Human Life” globe at the Tokyo Summit.
1993 Created and presented a memorial pot for the first visit of the Emperor to Ehime prefecture.
1995 To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the United Nations, created “The Blue Planet of Human Life” globe.
1995 Taught his craft to apprentices in Thailand. Also created the largest pot in Thailand.
2005 Started a training program with new craftsmen from Afghanistan.
2005 To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the United Nations, created a white porcelain flower vase decorated with carvings of doves.
2012 Created The Blue Planet of Peking to honor the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.
2013 Received the Yellow Ribbon Medal, which is awarded to people who have devoted their lives to one special skill throughout their lives.