My Encounter with Mr. Yasuhiko Shirakata and His Masterpieces
Satoko Yamada

It was the masterpieces of Mr. Shirakata of Hachizui Kiln among the other artists’ beautiful works which attracted my eyes most when I first visited Tobe Pottery Traditional Industry Hall in 2011.

I was fascinated by their beautiful forms, especially the hard porcelain’s softly curved shapes and simple white designs. Because they are so simple and white, they are universal. His works are completely modern while at the same time completely classical. In my opinion, Mr. Shirakata’s works have an eternal beauty. When I look at them, I find my mind becomes soulful and peaceful.

Mr. Shirakata has glorified the potter’s wheel to a divine level and through his lifelong steady training, he has come to make this simple style of porcelain work. I think his masterpieces are the pieces of God. They harmonize with anything in both western style and oriental style because they are the embodiment of true beauty.

I asked Mr. and Mrs. Shirakata’s permission to open this website because I hope to
introduce his splendid skill and art pieces not only to Japan but also all over the rest of the world.

Later I learned that my father-in-law used to work in the ceramic industry and specialized in the study of potter’s clay. The quarry in Tobe-Town was a place related to my father-in-law. This encounter between me and Tobe ware might be fate.

I appreciate very much the support of the Shirakata family, Mr. Yoshihiro Imura, Sarah Fujiwara, Martha Grace Low, my friends and my family.



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