The Heart-Warming Episode of the Lucky White Cat Inviting Good Fortune into Your Life

福猫One day a deaf white cat appeared at the Shirakata family’s doorway. They took it in and kept it with love. Ever since then, a great deal of good fortune has come their way. For example, Yasuhiko was requested to send his Blue Star of Life, the large ceramic globe which he made with the hope of creating a peaceful world, to the United Nations, where it stands in the lobby of the Conference room for Disarmament Issues in Geneva, Switzerland.

Five years later, the cat disappeared just as mysteriously as it had arrived.

Yasuhiko’s wife Ikue couldn’t forget the cute cat which they had found at their entrance on that day five years earlier. So they decided to make a ceramic white cat to help them remember it.

Ikue made the design and Yasuhiko put it in the mold; thus they made their lucky white cat together. They do not mass-produce the cats: It is hard to make yellow-based white color in a kiln. Ikue paints the cats’ eyes individually herself. It is such an appealing lucky cat with a softly curved body.

The couple make the cats together with a lot of love, and those who receive this cat are invited to share in their good fortune.

Maybe the cat will bring you good luck in return for the kindness shown by Yasuhiko and Ikue.